Bloomfield in Video & Film
A collection of film and concert appearances
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Fillmore (1972)

THIS BRIEF CLIP comes from a documentary about the last days of the legendary Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco and features an animated Bill Graham, the hall's proprietor, teasing Michael Bloomfield with a story about Mike's mother. The anecdote is one Graham told often, and Bloomfield kids back with a reference to the producer's recent appearance on the Dick Cavett Show. The clip almost certainly comes from the July 4 closing night jam, the only time Michael was at the Fillmore during the festivities. The film was directed by Richard T. Heffron.

Live at the Cafe Au Go-Go: The Blues (1968)

THESE FEW SECONDS from a documentary about the Paul Butterfield Blues Band were filmed at the Cafe Au Go-Go in New York City in November 1967. Bloomfield was in town with the Electric Flag, performing at the Bitter End, and he came by to sit in with his former employer. He is shown plugging in and playing a few licks. The sound on this dub from the film is unfortunately missing. Interestingly, Mike is shown playing an unusual two-knob Les Paul Goldtop with no pick guard, a guitar that was certainly not his.

The Wizard of Waukesha (1979)

A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT guitarist and inventor Les Paul (who was from Waukesha, WI), "Wizard" has a brief segment with Bloomfield discussing the qualities of the Les Paul Sunburst guitar. He's shown in producer Norman Dayron's home, strumming a Sunburst belonging to guitarist Robbie Dunbar. The film was directed by Susan Brockman, and Bloomfield's portion was shot by guitarist and engineer Robb Lawrence.